About Us

Welcome to Marginelli,

We are a family company, with small, dedicated team with a lot of experience in making bespoke wedding gowns, evening and cocktail dresses and all kind of accessories for your special day. Every one of our gowns is designed and handmade created in our atelier. We work with our customers on choosing the perfect dress for them, selecting the materials and laces and choosing the perfect finishing touches which make our gowns so special. Our mission is to provide a once in a lifetime experience for our customers from the moment we say 'hello' through to packing your perfect gown and accessories ready for your special day.  

About the designer 

Nelli is a dressmaker and fashion designer with more than 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. She has a love and passion for making dresses, from a young age she starts her journey in a fashion industry, started her education in a school of Art and Design studying design, modelling and construction of clothing. After school, she started University and studying fashion design and dress-making. She gained many skills including sketching, pattern cutting, millinery, beading and embroidery and etc. After graduating she gain practical experience for many years in different fashion house and boutique making wedding, formal and bespoke dresses. Her knowledge and skills are a guaranty that we will give to our customer the highest quality and satisfaction.