Terms & Conditions

Terms of use of our website

Welcome to Marginelli Online Boutique (www.marginelli.com / www.marginelli.co.uk) website. You should read these terms and conditions carefully before buying any goods as they contain important information about your order. By accessing our website or by placing an order you agree to our terms and conditions. If you do not agree to them you may not use or access the website.

  • www.marginelli.com is an online service ‘By Marginelli’ ("Marginelli.co.uk" / “Marginelli.com“) for the sale of clothing, accessories and other items, provided solely for your personal use.
  • You may not use the Site for any commercial purpose and you must be 18 years or over to purchase goods from the website("Marginelli.co.uk" / “Marginelli.com“). We took great care, to ensure that all of our items as they are presented as accurately as possible on our website. The colour clarity will depend on your own personal monitor, so we can not guarantee that the colour of the actual dress or accessory is absolutely accurate.
  • From time to time we may update our information or product prices without notice, but this changes won`t affect any existing order.
  • You don’t need to have an Account to complete Orders with us, but if you would like to make an Account with us, you may do so by clicking the “Registration” button and following the steps.

Product information

  • The featured items on the website are individually handmade and as such may differ slightly from the images shown.
  • Depending on the measurements of the customer the item can differ slightly from the images shown.
  • You agree that the colour range of materials and the visual aspect of the product may differ slightly from the images shown.
  • As our items are handmade all orders are subject to availability if any of the products are out of stock but you would like that particular model we could do it on request but with other materials and different price depending on the model.
  • Our products are for dry cleaning only, please use only professional care for the product bought from us.

Order information 

  •  All orders are subject to acceptance from us and availability. If there is any reason to refuse or cancel your order, we will notify you by email.

  • After we receiving your order from our Ready to wear or Accessories, the completion of the contract between you and us will take place, you will receive a confirmation email to let you know when the order will be ready and sent. 
  • To order from our collection you have to send us an inquiry and to make an appointment, or provide us with your measurement so we can make your dress tailored uniquely to you. Check your measurement in our "measurement" section. 
  • For a Bespoke order, please read about the process in our "Bespoke" section. 
  • For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Pricing information  

  • All prices include VAT.
  • The prices of the products in our collection can be changed, if some changes are made to the details, materials or sizes for which you will be notified personally, by email or call.
  • For a Ready-to-wear product that is out of stock and you wish to be made bespoke for you, the price may differ from the one displayed on the site.
  • When ordering a product from our collection to be made with your measurements, 30% of the total amount of the product must be deposited(which is non-refundable) if you decide to cancel the order which is already started. After the first fitting is the time to pay another 30% of the final cost, after the final fitting and final correction, the outstanding amount is payable when you pick up your dress.
  • Bespoke service - after your initial consultation is made, selecting the model and design agreed, a 50% (non-refundable) deposit is required to ensure our services. After the final fitting and final correction, the outstanding amount is payable when you pick up your dress.

 Payment method 

  • On our site you can easily pay by the following payment methods:
  • - Debit card;
  • - Credit card; 
  • - Paypal.
  • Marginelli allows orders to be processed online using only a valid debit or credit cards.

Returns and Exchange information

  • It is not possible to return a product that is used, damaged, dirty, with a damaged package or label. 
  • Checking the product: We at Marginelli inspect the product we send for any irregularities - dirty, broken, etc. and we do not accept a return or replacement of a product that does not match what we have sent. You are responsible for the way the product is stored. 
  • Our products are designed for dry cleaning only and we are not responsible for a product problem arising from a different kind of cleaning than mentioned. We recommend using a professional dry cleaning. 
  • In the case that some third party has done the alteration and has changed our product, you have no right to return it or replace it.
  • It is not allowed to return a product after the date of the wedding/event has passed. - If you do not have a receipt, an invisible or other proof, you can not return the product or to replace it.
  • In case you change your mind or do not like our product after you receive it, you can return it or replace it within 14 days. The cost of return delivery is at your own expense and must be with signed delivery. 
  • If the materials, dimensions or model of the purchased product do not meet your wishes/requirements, please contact us. You can return, replace the product or we can make the necessary adjustments/changes to make you happy and satisfied.

Refund information 

  • If the product you return arrives in excellent condition - it is not worn, without damage to the product, packaging, label, you have proof of the product (receipt, invoice) and within the set term of 14 days, we will return the value of the product in full on credit/debit card.
  • If the value of the product is paid in cash, it may be refunded on a credit/debit card if there is no cash available at the moment.
  • Product returns only when using the same credit/debit card and if it is valid.

Delivery information

  • Free shipping to the UK.
  • The return or replacement fee is at the expense of the customer. 
  • The delivery time is 5 to 7 business days, but you can also expect your delivery within a shorter deadline - up to 3 business days.
  • In the event of a problem, delivery may take longer than 7 business days, but in this case, we will contact you to inform you and confirm whether you agree with it or you will cancel the order.
  • For Internasional delivery please "Contact Us" for prices.

Intellectual property rights  

  • We are the owner or licensee of all intellectual property rights in the Marginelli website. All content available on our Website, including, text, graphics, logos, button, icons, images and content is the property of Marginelli and is protected by the UK and international copyright laws. Our content or our Trade Marks in full or in part can`t be used, duplicated, modified, sold, resold, copied or otherwise exploited for any purpose without our prior written consent.

Our limitations of liability

       We are not responsible for:

  • For the product, which is damaged for any reason on your part (using, cleaning, shipping to somewhere, etc.) 
  • For purchased products that will not be used due to any (cancellation of wedding/event, change in product opinion, change in customer's size, death, etc.).
  • For the product, which is modified in any way by another person (alterations, modification of details).