Bespoke and Alterations

Bespoke Services 

   We at Marginelli know that one of the most important decisions for each bride is to choose a bridal gown. The style, shape of the dress should be carefully considered to look glamorous on your special day. In order to choose and find the right bridal gown for them, many women recourse to bridal magazines, but the best way to find the right style for you is to visit a designer, to offer you the right dress and accessories. The perfect bridal gown can be hard to find, but step by step taking a decision on style, shape, colour and fabric, can become a reality and you can wear something unique. With our first class workmanship, commissioning a bespoke garment from us you can be 100% assured you will receive a perfectly styled garment, fit for your shape.


     When you contact us about bespoke services we will usually arrange an appointment with you to discuss the details. We will ask about for what occasion you will require the garment, what style is right for you, your ideas for the design, the suitability of the fabrics you want and any other relevant points such as when the garment is required and the likely cost. You can come to us with your ideas. It can be anything you like. Unusual designs or bright colours. We will work with you right from the initial sketches and designs, helping to draw out what is in your head and guiding and making suggestions for anything you may not have thought of. When something is bespoke, we often have to start from scratch, making the sketches, do a pattern, do individual fittings, etc. The fabrics we use are chosen according to the garment. Sensual and flattering silks, satin, lace, taffeta and chiffons for luxurious dresses, but the choice is ultimately yours. 

   Once we have a finalised sketch, we will take a measure of your body for preparing the unique pattern just for you. After your initial consultation is made and design agreed, a 50% (non-refundable) deposit is required to secure our services. Then we will start to make the dress, our designer is very skilled and has a lot of experience, so we don`t use mock-up from a different fabric for the first fitting appointment. With your unique pattern, we will prepare the dress ready for the first fitting with the real fabrics that you have chosen, after the first fitting appointment, we will have second and final fittings.


   Our first fittings usually take about an hour for bridal dresses and around half an hour for a bridesmaid or formal dresses. At this point, you will try on your dress, and the designer will pin it to show you the best alterations for a perfect fit. Once we’re happy that the waistline is in the right place, there’s the right amount of volume in the skirt and that the neckline is perfect (and any other details), we will make the alteration and then is the next step- second fitting.
   We’ll have a second fitting of the dress to decide the placement of any embellishments and to check where the hem needs to finish.For wedding dresses with a train, you'll see bustle options.
    We’ll do a final fitting closer to the date of your wedding (TWO WEEKS BEFORE) to check everything is perfect and if there are no alterations then you can take your dress home with you.


   To ensure the accurate fit is important to bring your bra, slip, shapewear, and shoes you plan to wear with your dress. The appropriate lingerie can change everything, also we can make accessories to match your dress.


   For bridal dresses, we recommend 4-6 months, but also a rush order service is available if you have less than 1-2 month’s time, but at an extra cost, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


   Our consultations, which usually last about an hour are free of charge. Our bespoke bridal dresses prices starting from £1,500, this price includes all fabrics, fittings and alterations. When making a bespoke wedding dress all designs are priced individually, based on the cost of materials, the work involved in creating and complexity of the design. We are able to give a quote once we know all of the work involved and when we providing you with the sketches. All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.

Alterations Services

   At Marginelli, we offer a full range of alterations services for bridal, mother of the bride or bridesmaids dresses, including neckline restyling, train alterations and adding bespoke embellishment. We offer a complete package for your big day, whether you have purchased your wedding gown from a different designer, a bridal boutique, inherited it or have decided to wear a vintage dress and need it restyled, resized or remodelled, we can help, so please do not hesitate to contact us.